Our Home

It’s hard to believe we have been here 9 years and yes, it’s still work in progress

We fell in love; the style, the colour, the balcony!

The outside needed some general repairs but was otherwise good.

We started the repaint the first spring keeping the delightful lemon and white colour scheme, but we had to call a halt due to the extreme heat & humidity. We still haven’t finished painting the railings (they’ve been undercoated at least twice!), it’s just so hard to work on them but we don’t want to give them up.  Especially once we uprooted all the privet – now you can see the downstairs ones too.

At year five we had the siding & windows replaced.  Again we kept the colours we love but this time the siding is Hardie Plank and it’s guaranteed for 25 years, colour and all.  Yeah – no more painting.

Chris has made great strides with the back garden, including a raised herb garden, vegetables, and fruit trees. The front lawn needs a lot of TLC, it has more crab grass than anything, it’s a constant battle!

The bulk of the work we have done so far has been the general repairs outside and decorating. The “before” pictures for the family room and sitting/dining rooms are rather poor, but they do at least give an idea of what the space was like.